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Cheap Flights from Victoria (YYJ) to Asia

Here's a selection of the best cheap flights from Victoria Airport in Victoria, BC, Canada to Asia, found by others using the Kayak flight search tool in the past 48 hours. Click the price for flight details, or try your own search.

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Prices are in Canadian Dollars (CAD), for round trip, including taxes and fees.

$654Victoria to Shanghai, China (YYJ to PVG)
on Air Canada, 05/7/2017 to 06/4/2017
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$654Victoria to Shanghai, China (YYJ to SHA)
on Air Canada, 05/7/2017 to 06/4/2017
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$859Victoria to Manila, Philippines (YYJ to MNL)
on Multiple Airlines, 11/7/2017 to 11/21/2017
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$859Victoria to Tokyo, Japan (YYJ to NRT)
on Air Canada, 04/19/2017 to 05/10/2017
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$864Victoria to Beijing, China (YYJ to PEK)
on Major Airline, 06/2/2017 to 06/6/2017
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$903Victoria to Tokyo, Japan (YYJ to HND)
on Multiple Airlines, 10/6/2017 to 10/15/2017
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$911Victoria to Singapore, Singapore (YYJ to SIN)
on Multiple Airlines, 06/2/2017 to 06/6/2017
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$1088Victoria to Denpasar, Indonesia (YYJ to DPS)
on Multiple Airlines, 02/14/2018 to 02/27/2018
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$1230Victoria to Seoul, South Korea (YYJ to ICN)
on Air Canada, 04/13/2017 to 04/24/2017
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$1303Victoria to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (YYJ to SGN)
on Multiple Airlines, 04/27/2017 to 05/26/2017
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$1338Victoria to Taipei, Taiwan (YYJ to TPE)
on Multiple Airlines, 05/9/2017 to 05/17/2017
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$1391Victoria to Cebu City, Philippines (YYJ to CEB)
on Multiple Airlines, 08/1/2017 to 08/8/2017
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$1415Victoria to Mumbai, India (YYJ to BOM)
on Multiple Airlines, 08/14/2017 to 09/2/2017
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$1929Victoria to New Delhi, India (YYJ to DEL)
on Multiple Airlines, 12/23/2017 to 12/29/2017
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$2099Victoria to Seoul, South Korea (YYJ to GMP)
on Multiple Airlines, 04/13/2017 to 04/24/2017
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$2135Victoria to Kathmandu, Nepal (YYJ to KTM)
on Cathay Pacific, 06/27/2017 to 08/27/2017
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$2339Victoria to Phuket City, Thailand (YYJ to HKT)
on Multiple Airlines, 01/1/2018 to 01/13/2018
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$2776Victoria to Hyderabad, India (YYJ to HYD)
on Air Canada, 07/5/2017 to 08/24/2017
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$3008Victoria to Osaka, Japan (YYJ to KIX)
on Multiple Airlines, 06/1/2017 to 08/10/2017
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$3088Victoria to Fukuoka, Japan (YYJ to FUK)
on Air Canada, 05/19/2017 to 05/22/2017
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The Victoria Airport Authority's website lists flight status for flights to/from the airport in Victoria, BC.