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Cheap Flights from Victoria (YYJ) to Europe

Here's a selection of the best cheap flights from Victoria Airport in Victoria, BC, Canada to Europe, found by others using the Kayak flight search tool in the past 48 hours. Click the price for flight details, or try your own search.

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Prices are in Canadian Dollars (CAD), for round trip, including taxes and fees.

$1161Victoria to Barcelona, Spain (YYJ to BCN)
on Multiple Airlines, 03/10/2016 to 03/23/2016
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$1454Victoria to Paris, France (YYJ to CDG)
on Lufthansa, 10/5/2015 to 11/2/2015
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$1504Victoria to Amsterdam, Netherlands (YYJ to AMS)
on Lufthansa, 10/4/2015 to 10/22/2015
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$1514Victoria to Sandefjord, Norway (YYJ to TRF)
on Delta, 09/16/2015 to 11/1/2015
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$1553Victoria to Prague, Czech Republic (YYJ to PRG)
on Multiple Airlines, 12/16/2015 to 01/5/2016
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$1568Victoria to Rome, Italy (YYJ to FCO)
on Multiple Airlines, 02/10/2016 to 03/10/2016
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$1619Victoria to Frankfurt am Main, Germany (YYJ to FRA)
on Multiple Airlines, 10/13/2015 to 11/10/2015
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$1670Victoria to Berlin, Germany (YYJ to TXL)
on Multiple Airlines, 10/1/2015 to 10/19/2015
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$1858Victoria to Nice, France (YYJ to NCE)
on Multiple Airlines, 08/3/2015 to 09/3/2015
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$1976Victoria to Madrid, Spain (YYJ to MAD)
on Multiple Airlines, 10/7/2015 to 10/14/2015
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$4156Victoria to Lisbon, Portugal (YYJ to LIS)
on Multiple Airlines, 11/25/2015 to 11/26/2015
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$4494Victoria to Carlsbad, Czech Republic (YYJ to KLV)
on Multiple Airlines, 09/8/2015 to 09/22/2015
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$4545Victoria to Dublin, Ireland (YYJ to DUB)
on Multiple Airlines, 09/20/2015 to 10/16/2015
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The Victoria Airport Authority's website lists flight status for flights to/from the airport in Victoria, BC.