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Cheap Flights from Victoria (YYJ) to USA

Here's a selection of the best cheap flights from Victoria Airport in Victoria, BC, Canada to USA, found by others using the Kayak flight search tool in the past 48 hours. Click the price for flight details, or try your own search.

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Prices are in Canadian Dollars (CAD), for round trip, including taxes and fees.

$248Victoria to Portland, OR (YYJ to PDX)
on Air Canada, 05/14/2017 to 05/18/2017
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$261Victoria to Las Vegas, NV (YYJ to LAS)
on Major Airline, 05/13/2017 to 05/18/2017
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$265Victoria to San Diego, CA (YYJ to SAN)
on Delta, 05/3/2017 to 05/9/2017
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$269Victoria to Santa Ana, CA (YYJ to SNA)
on Delta, 06/23/2017 to 06/27/2017
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$271Victoria to Los Angeles, CA (YYJ to LAX)
on Air Canada, 05/3/2017 to 06/13/2017
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$303Victoria to Phoenix, AZ (YYJ to PHX)
on Major Airline, 07/30/2017 to 08/9/2017
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$308Victoria to San Jose, CA (YYJ to SJC)
on Delta, 05/25/2017 to 05/30/2017
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$330Victoria to Palm Springs, CA (YYJ to PSP)
on Delta, 01/21/2018 to 02/3/2018
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$330Victoria to Seattle, WA (YYJ to SEA)
on Alaska Airlines, 04/29/2017 to 04/29/2017
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$338Victoria to San Francisco, CA (YYJ to SFO)
on Air Canada, 05/2/2017 to 05/30/2017
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$351Victoria to Denver, CO (YYJ to DEN)
on United, 05/8/2017 to 05/15/2017
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$379Victoria to Oakland, CA (YYJ to OAK)
on Alaska Airlines, 04/29/2017 to 05/28/2017
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$393Victoria to Sacramento, CA (YYJ to SMF)
on Alaska Airlines, 08/1/2017 to 08/5/2017
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$398Victoria to Salt Lake City, UT (YYJ to SLC)
on Delta, 06/1/2017 to 06/5/2017
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$405Victoria to Atlanta, GA (YYJ to ATL)
on Air Canada, 07/5/2017 to 07/12/2017
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$406Victoria to Houston, TX (YYJ to IAH)
on Major Airline, 04/19/2017 to 04/21/2017
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$406Victoria to Milwaukee, WI (YYJ to MKE)
on Major Airline, 09/27/2017 to 09/29/2017
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$414Victoria to Austin, TX (YYJ to AUS)
on Major Airline, 07/6/2017 to 07/13/2017
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$421Victoria to Washington, DC (YYJ to IAD)
on Delta, 11/23/2017 to 12/2/2017
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$422Victoria to New York, NY (YYJ to LGA)
on WestJet, 05/25/2017 to 05/30/2017
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The Victoria Airport Authority's website lists flight status for flights to/from the airport in Victoria, BC.